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Why did ADAC and Ainstein team up?

Two Industry Leaders: One Joint Venture

In a pursuit to end the vendor back-and-forth between sensing technology companies and mechatronic vehicle access systems, RADAC was formed to help OEMs and Auto Manufacturers go-to-market with as little headache as possible.

Ainstein Radar

Ainstein offers deep scientific, mathematical and engineering expertise, along with a full spectrum portfolio (24GHz, 60GHz, 76-81GHz) of hardware and software to support customers in developing highly customized solutions with unmatched precision in unpredictable environments.

Ainstein HQ located in Lawrence, Kansas

ADAC Automotive

At ADAC Automotive, we are designing the future of vehicle access systems. Our technologies and products are developed to improve the lives of users by enabling convenient, seamless entry and exit from vehicles. As a Tier 1 supplier of mechatronic vehicle access systems, ADAC serves the world’s automotive brands with VAST Automotive Group manufacturing facilities worldwide.

ADAC HQ located in Grand Rapids, Michigan